To Whom it may concern,

  I have done business with Kerry Jeffrey and Interior Works for over twenty years, and at least 30 aircraft. Those aircraft range from light helicopters to medium jets. In that time I have never been sorry for choosing Interior Works or been disappointed with Kerry's work ethic or workmanship. I have watched him work weekends and nights to keep his deadlines and come to realize that he understands my business and needs. I not only will recommend him, I will continue to use him for all my interior needs. If you would like to contact me, I would welcome your call.

Regards, Mario D. Grisanti

    "The interior was upholstered at Pounds Field in Tyler, Texas by Kerry Jeffrey with Aircraft Interior Works. The soft texture of the seats naturally leads one to ask, 'Is it leather?'
  'That's what it is,' Warren said, 'Izit Leather is the brand name.' The interior drew admiration by aviation buffs in Oshkosh. The people at Oshkosh said this is the finest interior they had ever seen in an experimental aircraft."

  -Exert from the local paper "Mineola Monitor", August 28, 1996, Section B

The Lancair (pictured above) won first place in Best Overall Workmanship at the annual EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

   Dear Kerry:

  Just wanted to thank you for the fine job on doing the interior on my MD-500E helicopter. I was very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and materials. I was impressed with the material you covered the interior panels with that not only looks good, but provides better soundproofing. No doubt my aircraft is the best looking in the area!

  The fact that I am a repeat customer speaks to my satisfation. The interior of my C-185 is holding up well after a number of years, I will look forward to the next project with you!

  Mike Harwood
  CEO of T.L.H. Enterprises, Inc.