About Aircraft Interior Works

    Aircraft Interior Works is a small, family owned and operated business located at Pounds Field in Tyler, Texas. Founded on the idea that aircraft interiors should be affordable to any lifestyle, Kerry Jeffrey opened his business in 1988. At the time, he had nothing more than an empty workshop and knowledge for the career he loved. Now, 24 years later, with 38 years of experience in the industry, his clientèle has dramatically increased with big business names such as Mario Grisanti (Grisanti Business Aircraft), Tim Brookshire (Brookshire Grocery Company), and Frito Lay, to name a few. 

    However, these years did not come without struggle. When the Twin Towers were attacked on Sept 11, the entire aircraft industry took a major fall and no one was left unaffected by the tragic event. It has been a challenge but Interior Works' doors have managed to remain open to anyone looking for a quality, affordable aircraft interior.

    Serving the East Texas and greater Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas area, Aircraft Interior Works is your one and only contact needed for interior design, fabrication, refurbishing, or remodeling for your airplane. Even if you only want to start out with a free consultation, Aircraft Interior Works has you covered. Just click on the "Estimate Request Form" at the top of this page to get started!